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SLA Strategic Recommendations: SLA-SD Discussion Session, Monday, June 8 @ Ashford University, 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Dear SLA-SD Members,


As you know, SLA President Jill Strand recently announced that the SLA Change Consultants, Cindy Shamel and Ulla de Stricker, who were engaged by SLA to provide strategic recommendations in areas such as marketplace positioning and viability, membership revenue and growth, and conference modeling forwarded their report to the board – See more at: http://www.sla.org/governance/board-of-directors/key-initiatives/sla-recommendations-report/#sthash.WKU2UFdA.dpufwere tasked with providing strategic recommendations to the organization in areas such as marketplace positioning and viability, membership revenue and growth, and conference modeling, forwarded their report to the SLA Board. The report is currently available to all SLA members through the following link: http://www.sla.org/governance/board-of-directors/key-initiatives/sla-recommendations-report/ (SLA login required to access report). If accepted and enacted, many of these recommendations will translate into significant changes in the organization. It is an exciting time to be an active member, and all are encouraged to engage in this discussion of our future!


SLA has provided several opportunities for member feedback, including:


  1. By e-mailing your comments to the secretary of the board, Tara Murray, who will organize the comments by recommendation and forward them to the board on a weekly basis;
  2. By submitting questions for consideration at a virtual Town Hall for SLA members on May 27 – recording now available through Key Board Initiatives page: https://www.sla.org/governance/board-of-directors/key-initiatives/, “Change Consultant” section (SLA member login required)
  3. By sharing your thoughts in person during the comment periods at the board meeting in Boston on Saturday, June 13, prior to the start of the SLA 2015 Annual Conference;
  4. By speaking directly with board members throughout the conference; and
  5. By asking questions during the annual business meeting, to be held at SLA 2015 on Tuesday, June 16, at 5:00 p.m. (This will mark the cut-off for the board to receive comments.)
In an effort to engage our chapter members – and ourselves – in this discussion, SLA-SD will be holding a discussion session on the evening of Monday, June 8, 4:30 – 6:00 pm at Ashford University. During this time, members are encouraged to discuss the recommendations’ strengths and weaknesses; address strong points, concerns, confusion, and additional ideas; and ask questions among each other to clarify how these recommendations may affect us as individuals and as a chapter.


Example questions:


  • How will the recommended changes to business partnerships / vendor sponsorship rules (centralizing requests for funding; sharing revenue 50/50 with HQ) affect our ability to fund SLA-SD Chapter programs (particularly Fall Seminar)? (section 3.1)
  • Regarding recommended changes to SLA’s educational products and services — such as positioning SLA as a lifelong career school for members — is there a strategy to encourage broader recognition of the value in SLA certifications and coursework by employers and other related industries? (section 4)
  • How do the recommended changes to leadership training (eliminating the January in-person Leadership Summit and replacing this with web-based training) affect our future leaders? Will web training be sufficient, or even better? (section 5.1.a)
  • Should content management of the SLA Annual Conference be entrusted to a single professional (or two), shifting content selection away from SLA units? Would this planning position be outsourced, or should this individual be a member or otherwise affiliated with SLA? (section 5.1.c)
  • What are your thoughts on the recommended consolidation and standardization of SLA Divisions? How would these affect members — positively and negatively? (section 6.1.a)
  • What implications do the recommended changes to Chapter organization have for our San Diego Chapter? (section 6.1.b)
  • Are the recommendations for securing immediate operating funds for  SLA Headquarters appropriate? Should SLA HQ plan to access unit funds to avoid deficit? (section 7.1)
Discussion attendees are encouraged to come prepared by reading the full recommendations and noting any particular areas that merit discussion. We will have several copies of the recommendations on hand just in case they’re needed. If anyone is unable to attend but has discussion points to offer, please send them along to me, and I will pose them to our group.


Event Summary
What: SLA Strategic Recommendations Discussion Session
When: Monday, June 8, 4:30 – 6:00 pm
Where: Ashford University
           8620 Spectrum Center Blvd
           San Diego, CA 92123
           Map: https://goo.gl/RLZpjS
           **Note: Elizabeth Grossman, Ashford’s Senior Director of Library Services, will greet attendees in the Ashford lobby beginning at 4:15 pm. We will be meeting in a 10th floor conference room. Light refreshments of cookies, coffee, and water will be served!
Questions: contact ajankowski@sandiegozoo.org, 630.251.3735


Please RSVP to Amy at: ajankowski@sandiegozoo.org


Thank you – and I hope to see you next week!


Amy Jankowski
2015 President
SLA San Diego Chapter

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Call for Speakers at SLA-SD 2010 Fall Seminar

The San Diego Chapter of the Special Libraries Association is seeking speakers for our annual professional development seminar to be held Friday, October 1, 2010, at Amylin Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, CA.

The theme for 2010 is:

The Info Pro and the Competitive Edge: Applying Competencies and Technologies to Benefit Your Organization

As information professionals, we are immersed in the implications and applications of technology for the discovery and use of information.  We adopt those technologies and digital resources that will be most effective for our particular clients: an assessment we make drawing on evidence from research and our professional competencies.

We are looking for presentations that focus on best practices for utilizing and managing various technologies and tools in ways that contribute to organizational success. Presenters are asked to cover the topic both conceptually and with demonstrations/discussion of real-world applications. 

Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Mobile devices: best practices for information centers. What works and what doesn’t.
  • E-books and e-readers: implications and best practice.
  • Tools for information analysis: analytical tools provided in conjunction with databases, eg, MS Excel, etc. What tools to use and when, and tips for drawing best inferences.
  • Cloud computing:  Web-based vs client-based software and document sharing/storage. Implications for the organization/information center.
  • Social media: best practice for use by information centers. 
  • Semantic intelligence: how applications bring value to the organization.
  • Digitization projects: management issues.
  • Digital content and resources: techniques and tips for effective management.
  • Communication skills relevant to change management. Implementation of new technologies implies organizational change: what communication skills do information professionals need to hone to effectively implement innovations and encourage adoption of new technologies.
  • Overview major certificate programs and relevance to information professionals. How to enhance your career by extending your skill set: CI, Project management, six sigma, records management, copyright management.

Proposals are requested from information professionals working in all types of environments;  SLA membership is not required. Proposals should include:

· Speaker(s) name, affiliation, contact information

· A title for your presentation

· A summary of your presentation of up to 500 words


Presentations should be approximately 45 minutes in length. Please submit your proposal to us at sandiego.director@gmail.com by July 31, 2010. The seminar committee will select presentations by August 15.  


Many of you have expertise in one or more of the areas listed above, and we encourage you to send us a proposal soon. If you have colleagues or others in your networks who may be interested, do let them know about this opportunity. An Info Pro loves to share their knowledge! Also, please reserve October 1 on your calendar now. More details and registration information will be available in August.




Jill Blaemers and Geeth Vijay-Rao

Directors, SLA San Diego Chapter



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