How To

These instructions are for chapter members with author or editor privileges. To log in to this site, go to and enter your username and password. You will see the WordPress “Dashboard”.

There are two levels of login for this site. Authors can post to the blog, and add and edit events, while editors can also edit pages and upload files to the server.  Instructions follow for (1) posting to the blog, (2) editing a page, and (3) adding an event. Editors who are logged in can see instructions for uploading files (e.g. newsletters) to the server at

(1) Posting to the blog:

When you log in to the site’s Dashboard, you will see the following screen:

To add a new post, click on the dropdown arrow by “Posts” and select “Add New”. You will see this screen: Make sure you fill in the Title and Body fields, and select at least one category. Please do not create any additional categories.  You may enter “tags”, which are not a controlled vocabulary like the categories. You can click on “preview” to see how your post will look. When everything looks right, click on “Publish”. Note: readers will not be able to follow hyperlinks in the post until they click on the “read more” link on the home page.

If you upload an image using the “SLA based on Gazette Custom Settings”, and also select the “Images” category, your image will appear in the slideshow at the top of the blog. However your post will not appear as part of the blog unless the user selects  one of the categories you have assigned to your post from the menu. For example, if you assign the categories “Images” and “Seminars” to your post, then the user must click on either “Images” or “Seminars” in the category menu to see your post. If you want to insert one or more images and don’t care if they appear in the slideshow, you can use the “upload/insert” function above the the editing box. If you want the image to appear in the slideshow, and you also want your post to appear on the home page, then submit two posts. This is the out-of-the-box behavior of the slideshow, and I will get around to seeing if I can fix it.

(2) Editing a page:

Editors have permission to edit pages (please do not create any new pages without consulting the webmaster or chapter president). They will see a “Page” menu item below the “Posts” item. Click on that to see existing pages. When you move the cursor over a page title in the screen below, an “edit” option will appear.

Select edit, to view and edit the page contents. Click on “Update” when you have finished editing the page.

(3) Adding an event:

Find the “Events” item in the left menu. Select “Add new” to see the following screen. Enter an event name, date, location, details, and contact person. Select one or more categories from the list. The event module has a booking feature, but we are not using that yet. You can upload an image if you like. Select “submit event” when you are done.












We had a webinar where we covered these procedures. You can viewed the unedited recording.