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We came, we saw, we sorted: Volunteer work party at Central Library brought out the best

2009SLASDWorkPartyjpg On Saturday, November 14, two dozen SLA-SD members and friends descended on the San Diego Public Library's Central Library. There, we helped with two projects owned by the library's California Room, whose collection pertains to California history.

Info pros Bee Bornheimer, Robin Dodds, Melinda Hansen, Vani Inampudi (pushing the cart in the photo here), Marita Johnson, Peggy Makie, Sabrina Nespeca, Camerin Poulson, Melanie Quinn, Jennifer Snapp-Cook and Kate Vigderson all pitched in and gave the effort their all.

2009SLASDWorkPartyPostcardTeam These intrepid volunteers helped sort and sleeve several boxes of historic photographs and helped box and sleeve several drawers of San Diego postcards. SLA-SD President Cindy Shamel also participated.

2009SLASDWorkPartyPhotoTeam Prior to getting started on our work, we all enjoyed a tour of the California Room and the library's Wangenheim Room, which contains a collection of rare books, manuscripts and artifacts illustrating the development of the book through the ages.

Special Collections Supervisor Rick Crawford, a member of the California Room staff, provided an orientation to the California Room. Also he kindly made the volunteer opportunity possible and guided participants through the work needing doing.

The volunteer work party was staged as a way to give back to the California Room, whose staff help provide access to the SLA-SD chapter archives which are housed in the Central Library.

At the end of day, when the working and networking came to a close, all agreed that the event had been productive and lots of fun. Most importantly, Rick expressed appreciation for the group having put in place the first steps toward making the postcard and photo collections accessible to the public.

Anyone interested in volunteering for the California Room can contact Rick at rcrawford[AT]

Anyone interested in participating in future SLA-SD volunteer work parties just needs to stay tuned to this blog. Given the good results from this year's work party at the downtown San Diego Public Library, another work party on behalf of the California Room may be in the works for 2010.

See photos taken by SLA-SD President Cindy Shamel.

See photos taken by SLA-SD Archivist Daria DeCooman.


Article written by Daria DeCooman

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La Roca Library project connected learners and resources


When SLA-SD kindly provided a donation last spring to help support the La Roca Library project, chapter members asked to be informed later about the project’s impacts.

During the 2008-2009 school year, the project provided professional staffing and enhanced resources (including an improved computer lab with Web access) for the small onsite library at La Roca – a homeless shelter and community center in Tijuana.

At the end of the project last May, librarian Maria Luisa Mendez Lozada, who headed up the project on the ground, reported metrics including:

  • 2,169 library visitors (this figure includes some folks who were counted more than once, as they visited on multiple occasions) during the course of the project.
  • 1,317 books consulted in the La Roca Library.
  • 157 learning activities (e.g., story hours, literacy games) delivered in the La Roca Library and in La Roca Primary School classrooms and reaching 1,140 youngsters aged 3-12.
  • 125 computer classes delivered in the library and reaching 863 students including youth and adults.

Through the project, many youth and adults gained skills, including library skills and computer literacy skills. In the photo, you can see two La Roca community members enjoying the La Roca Library computer lab.

A fuller account of the impacts of the La Roca Library project is available at

“Why I like the library” thank-you notes from La Roca youth and adults are available on the Library Connect Facebook page at

Again, a big thanks goes to SLA-SD for its kind support of the project.

Even though the La Roca Library project has concluded, Elsevier San Diego’s support of La Roca continues.

Elsevier San Diego continues to partner with the nonprofit Corazon de Vida to support education for Tijuana youth. In September 2009, Elsevier’s philanthropic program RE Cares awarded Corazon de Vida a $13,000 grant to cover tuition, uniforms and school  transportation for 100 students from the Hacienda, La Roca and Casa de Paz shelters during the 2009-2010 school year.

For updates on how Elsevier San Diego is partnering with Corazon de Vida to support vulnerable youth and orphans in Tijuana, please visit


Article written by Daria DeCooman

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Are you a member of Beta Phi Mu’s Omega Chapter?

The SJSU SLIS Omega Chapter of Beta Phi Mu is looking to update its membership list. We are particularly interested in finding emails for members, so we can communicate more easily.

If you are a member of the Omega Chapter, please email your contact information to Daria DeCooman at

For more information on the Omega Chapter, see

For more information on Beta Phi Mu, see:

Kind regards,
Daria DeCooman

Beta Phi Mu Omega Chapter Member

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SLA-SD donation helps support shelter library in Tijuana

Thanks to an SLA-SD donation of $200, the La Roca Library in Tijuana is
outfitted with needed supplies to help make it through the rest of this academic

The library serves impoverished youngsters attending the La Roca Primary School as well
as young people and their moms living at the La
Roca shelter
homeless and abandoned single-parent families.

Through an RE Cares grant,
librarian Maria Luisa Mendez Lozada (standing at the left in the photo) is
staffing the La Roca
Library this academic year and delivering library services to La Roca young people and
adults. Generous donations, such as the one from SLA-SD, have helped stretch the grant dollars and
are much appreciated.

The SLA-SD donation has purchased supplies needed to
help keep the library in good shape. This photo shows Maria Luisa and La Roca kids happily receiving
the supplies. (Photo courtesy of George Perez, a Corazon de Vida staff

Maria Luisa and youngsters who rely on the library have sent a
big “Thank you!” to SLA-SD.

For more on La Roca, visit the Corazon de Vida website. A
nonprofit, CDV
supports La Roca,
along with 13 other Baja orphanages and shelters.

Or visit Elsevier‘s La Roca blog at or
Library Connect News blog at

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La Roca Library Update: Donations Needed!




This is an
update on the La Roca Library project, an international librarianship project
supported by southern California librarians including SLA-SD member Daria

La Roca
Librarian Maria Luisa Mendez Lozada, on board at La Roca since October 2008,
reports the library needs the below items. The Reed Elsevier Cares grant,
received in spring 2008, has already funded the library’s physical upgrade and
continues to pay Maria Luisa’s salary as well as
that of Isidro Santiago, who
manages the La Roca Library’s computers. However, the RE Cares grant doesn’t
comprise sufficient funds to cover the cost of additional items needed for the
library at this time. 

Please, if you have any of the below items, won’t
you donate them to the La Roca Library? New or used items will be gladly
accepted. (For any specific donation, US-based nonprofit Corazon de Vida (, which is helping
administer the library’s RE Cares grant, can provide a letter for tax

If you have any of the below-listed items to donate, please
contact me. I’ll get the items delivered to La Roca.

Daria DeCooman
La Roca/Corazon de Vida/RE Cares

SLA-SD Archivist 


The following list is from La Roca Librarian Maria Luisa Mendez

Windex to clean windows
towels, toilet paper, newspaper to clean windows Trash bags Spray
or liquid
cleaner for computers

Plastina or play
Brushes of different lengths & thicknesses
Tempura paint

2 tables, each for 10
20 children’s stackable chairs
Clear 3M tape to protect library
labels on book spines Typewriter or
laser printer

6 microphones
Digital camera with USB

Wood puzzles (with all the pieces please) Jigsaw puzzles of about
pieces Concentration games for preschool to grade 6 Games to
learning to read (in Spanish, or in Spanish and English) Scrabble

BOOKS (all in Spanish):
Picture books about animals
Books by Anthony Browne
Stories about Mexican culture
Title: “Oink”
Title: The happy
Trapito Book on dinosaurs with illustrations
Title: “Zoom lens” and
Book of events
Atlases of the human body, the world,
Subject: First aid
Dictionary of computation
Dictionary of
computer science for dummies Encyclopedias about Mexico

CDs & DVDs (all in Spanish):
Encarta reference
The Reading Rabbit: First steps, the Way of the reading,
Pingu and its friendly
Dr. Seuss’s ABC
and the Hare
To add and to subtract (a program of Z multimedia) Incredible
animals (a
program of Z multimedia)

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Excess Indexes and Abstracts Up For Grabs!

Barbara Busch, Government Relations chair, asked me to pass along this list of indexes and abstracts that she is weeding from her collection.  Please contact her at if you are interested in any of the following:









v.16 – v.331962-1976



Title Volumes Years
Air University   Index  
Antarctic   Bibliography
Applied   Science & Fisheries Abstracts v.1-v.18 1971-1988
Applied   Science & Technology Index   1958-1995
Arctic   Bibliography v.1-v.16
Arctic   Institute Library Catalog   1968
ASM Review   of Metal Literature v. 1-v.24E 1944-1967
Bibl Index   of Geology Excl of N.A. v.1-v.32 1933-1969
Biological   Abstracts v.1-v.50 1969-1992
Business   Periodicals Index   1958-1991
Chemical   Abstracts Abstracts 1982-1983
Chemical   Abstracts Indexes   1907-1997
Computer   & Control Absts   1966-1997
Cumulative   Book Index   1928-1990
Diamond   and related materials   1991-1999
Directory   of Published Proceedings   1965-2003
Electrical   & Electronics Absts.   1966-1997
Energy   Research Abstracts v. 2-v.17 1977-1992
Engineering   Index   1884-1967
GAO Review   1982-1987
GPO Monthly   Catalog   1940-1999
Index Medicus    
Inis Atomindex   1977-1987
Met&Geophysical   Absts Index   1950-1969
Meteorological&Geophysical   Absts   1950-1969
Molecular   Physics  
NASA v.1-v.33 1961-1995
Naval Abstracts v.1-v.7
Nuclear   Science Abstracts
Oceanic   Abstracts  
Physics   Abstracts   1966-1998
Pollution   Abstracts  
Quarterly   Cumulative Index Medicus   1937-1938
Readers   Guide to Periodical Literature v.1-v.21 1900-1999
Science   Abstracts A v.1-v.17 1898-1965
Science   Abstracts B   1903-1965
Technical   Translations v.1-v.18 1953-1967
Translations   Register v. 1-v.20 1967-1986
World Index   of Sci Trans   1967-1977
World Translations   Index v.2-v.11 1988-1997

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